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Personal WebFit Trainer Tips for the Home Page

Less is More (except for money) Creating a homepage for your website is hard work. I’m sure you sweated blood working with a writer or writing the copy yourself. There is just so much that you want to say about your product, service, and company.  My advice — say way less. 

Web Fitness. Do You Measure Up?

“I Don’t Know Why My Website Isn’t Working.” I overheard this statement about web fitness at my gym the other day but it could have been anywhere. It reflects the same level of frustration I hear repeatedly from professionals, small business owners, and enterprise executives. They’ve spent thousands of dollars developing an attractive looking website with […]

Get WebFit with The 5 Second Home Page Test

Forget What Your Website Says…What Do Visitors Actually See? Take the 5 second home page test! Test #1 (of 3) in the Doctor Of Content series: “Get Webfit & Get More Clients” Your home page may have several well-crafted paragraphs detailing your product, service, and company history. But what does your audience actually “get” and […]

Is Your Website Working For You?

Five seconds is all the time you get to make an impression on a visitor to your business or professional website and capture their interest in the service you provide. Can your website do that? I recently wrote an article for the Sharon Patch titled: “Is Your Website Working For You?”. In the article, I […]

Hot Flash Mob Video

Fifteen “hot” women, a dance studio, a video camera, and a little editing magic. That’s all that was needed to promote “Period Peace”, a new book for peri-meopausal women going through hot flashes, cold sweats, itchy feet, and thinning hair. So what’s there to brag about? Well, actually a lot. These women have “balls”. Rather […]

What Are Effective Content Services?

Effective content services assess your business requirements, your user goals, and content needs. This includes developing a competitive site analysis and Gap analysis (identifying where your competition is weak and how you can use that to your advantage). Finally, it means developing a content strategy that is aligned with your particular business. The details look […]

The Siri Revolution – Computer LOVE

The Next Revolution is upon us and it is in the form of iPhone 4’s Siri. Siri is a new technology which assists users with guidance and a female’s friendly voice! Ask “her”, “I want to make a reservation at a Chinese restaurant somewhere in Back Bay” and she responds softly with “John, I found […]

Content Fitness Test

“My website is failing at getting traffic, leads or clients. I’m not really sure what’s wrong. Should I try what my competitors are doing?” Does this sound like you? Take our fast and simple Top-10 True/False Test and find out if your content is optimized for maximum business performance. Then, find out how Doctor Of […]

How To Tell A Story : NPR’s Scott Simon

I came across this piece by National Public Radio’s Scott Simon on “How to Tell a Story”. Scott works in the radio world, but everything he says here relates to storytelling excellence in video as well. At Doctor Of Content (my alter ego), I also think about storytelling as the most powerful and memorable way […]

Origin of a Yoga Instructor

While studying to be a classical percussionist in college, Ben McLellan developed tendinitis in his forearms. He explored many options, none that worked, until his sister recommended yoga. Ben is now a yoga instructor and owns Underground Studios in Watertown, MA. Its mission is focused around the concept of wellness and giving. The studio’s highly […]