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Stay Tuned Or Else!

“Big Wrestling” was a proposed new sports venture based out of South Florida. I worked with the team and their young fans to create a short video to be shown to investors and wrestling fans. I worked with the talent to get them excited (it wasn’t hard). They performed in front of a large green […]

Astronaut Mike Mullane & Nichelle Nichols

It’s been almost twenty years since I had the pleasure of producing a TV show with three-times Space Shuttle Astronaut Mike Mullane, featured here this short clip being interview on the set of “Inside Space” by host Nichelle Nichols (Uhura from the original “Star Trek” series). View the video clip. Mike is one of my favorite […]

Top-7 Ways to Create Scannable Web Copy

People scan copy on the web – they don’t read! Studies show they read headlines, sub-headlines, and highlighted links. If they find something interesting, then they may read a paragraph or two, or sometimes the whole article. But you really only have less than 5 seconds (or less) to attract their attention or they are […]

Best Practices Are Dangerous!

I believe that best practices are dangerous. Could you say that again? Yes. Best practices, followed religiously, and applied indiscriminately  to every case can often spell DISASTER. Every business is different, and therefore every website (designed for every business) should also be different. I believe that there is a unique solution to every problem – the tool […]

Your Choice for The Worst Blog in the World

I need your help. Send me a link to the best example of the worst blog you’ve every read and tell me: 1) why its so so so bad, and 2) what could be done to fix it. Warning: What you think is the worst blog, someone else might think is great. Ever see a […]

Here’s How Blogs Help

A blog is not meant to be a classic piece of literature – its (most often) quickly written right from the gut… with only one purpose: to  convert, convince, educate, entertain, engage , enrage , express, help, mock, promote , and sell (how crass).  Hey… I thought you said “One” purpose. Sorry, I lied. A blog’s purpose […]

Content Strategy is About Communicating

Have you ever tried to convince clients or corporate management that they should invest in content? Most companies are well aware of the benefits of having a web developer, but few are willing to invest in a dedicated web content developer. After all, anyone can write – or can they? Most believe that writing is the […]

Thou Shalt Be Real

Building credibility is crucial to your online marketing strategy and to the growth of your business. Without it, you can publish blog articles and update your web content, but chances are your content won’t be read, your name shared in networks, or your business found by potential new clients. Credibility requires brand YOU to be […]

Top 25 Definitions of Social Media

If you ask a whole bunch of people, “What is social media?”, here’s what you’d get. About.com – Media is an instrument on communication, like a newspaper or a radio, so social media would be a social instrument of communication Answers.com – The online forms of communicating to the masses, which include blogs, microblogs, social […]