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Best Practices Are Dangerous!

I believe that best practices are dangerous.

Could you say that again?

Yes. Best practices, followed religiously, and applied indiscriminately  to every case can often spell DISASTER. Every business is different, and therefore every website (designed for every business) should also be different. I believe that there is a unique solution to every problem – the tool should fit the job at hand, not the other way around.

Too many web developers, theme developers, and marketing copywriters suggest ‘their’ solution, built on ‘their’ best practices, will solve  ‘your’ problem. The problem with ‘their’ solution is that each business is different, each market is different, and each business owner is different. If you add up the small differences the total equals UNIQUE.

While best practices can serve as a good guide, they should never be followed as a cookie-cutter blueprint solution to your particular business problem. Effective solutions require unique questions. It’s how Einstein theorized relativity, how the Wright Brothers developed their airplane, and how great businesses get built offline and online.

Don’t be a follower. Look for unique solutions to your unique problems. Doctor of Content can help.