Betsy Ross, Psychotherapist, Divorce Coach and Mediator

Betsy Ross, LICSW, CGP
Psychotherapy, Mediation, Coaching
Stoughton, MA

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Testimonial: Psychotherapist, Coach and Mediator

In the spirit of full disclosure – a must for any business blogger like myself, I must say that Larry Ross, the Doctor of Content, is my husband. So I am a bit biased and I’m probably not going to say anything bad about him (other than he snores).

But seriously, Larry and his alter ego, Doctor of Content, helped me to accelerate my new business, attract potential clients, and convert them to clients who used my services. I’m a Psychotherapist, Divorce Coach and Mediator and I have teamed up with a great attorney/mediator to help people get divorced in a kinder and gentler way. Few people really knew how a Divorce Mediator or Divorce Coach could help them to resolve their differences, negotiate, and come to agreement in a humane way that serves their individual needs and the needs of their family. Now, more and more people are finding me and learning how to divorce in a more dignified manner and begin their new life with what they need to move forward successfully.

Larry guided me in my new online marketing strategy, showed me how to write powerful headlines that attract Google and other search engines, taught me how to write compelling content that’s easy to understand and helps convert lookers (readers) to bookers (users of my service). I even have a Facebook Fan page and Twitter presence which I learned how to put my posts onto. We are even beginning to work on an eBook now! (Before this I never even wanted my own laptop!)

All this online effort has made a difference. People are finding me on the web these days. They call me and say they saw my blog, are convinced of my expertise, and want to book a consultation.What could be better than that?