Video Eats the Internet

A startling statistic — as of 2016, people are sharing and creating three times more video than they were a year ago on Facebook. Facebook’s head of operations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa said “We’re seeing a year-on-year decline of text. […] If I was having a bet [about Facebook in five years] I’d say: video, video, video.” Video on Vine, Instagram, and other social media channels are all growing by leaps and bounds too. Read more

Is Your Website Flabby or Webfit?

I overheard this conversation at the gym the other day, but it could have been anywhere. It reflected the same level of frustration I hear repeatedly from professionals and business owners. They’ve spent thousands of dollars developing an attractive looking website with 20 or so pages of content. But now, a few months or even years later, they are experiencing a disappointing return on their investment. They’ve had a few visitors, but no spike in web-driven phone calls or contacts.

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