Hollywood.com & Hollywood.com Television

Our Part: As Vice President & Editorial Director of HMC, 2002 – 2006

Content Strategy & Development, Digital Marketing, Channel Concept, Branding,
Graphics & Identity, Show Packaging, Original Programming Development

BACKGROUND: Hollywood.com features over one million pages of in-depth movie information, blogs, news, event micro-sites, fan sites, photos, reviews, short-form video interviews and behind-the-scenes movie specials.

GOAL: The company needed an effective content strategy, a major website redesign, and a more effective newsletter. In addition, they had only 12 weeks to launch a new interactive television service on Cablevision, Comcast, and Cox.

SOLUTION: As Vice President, Editorial Director  and Content Strategist of Hollywood Media Corp., I developed a strategy exploiting content as “bait” to attract visitors, directed the redesign of the website and newsletter, and led development of the interactive channel’s branding and original programming. Website monthly uniques increased 38% to over 2.5 million, newsletter subscriptions increased 47% to 238,000, and the interactive channel attained carriage in over 22 million homes.