“Inside Space” – title sequence

Dr. Carl Sagan – On Mars

“Inside Space” Television Series

Our Part: As Writer/Series Producer for the Sci-Fi Channel

Development, Production & Post-Production
Research, Writing & Editing | Studio & Field Shoots
Graphic & Set Design | On-air promotion

BACKGROUND: In 1992, I was recruited by USA Networks to create an original prime-time series to launch their recently acquired new cable property – the Sci-Fi Channel. Previously, I served as one of four founding members of fledgling channel, in charge of branding, programming development and promotion.

GOAL: Create an entertaining TV series that was appealing, not only to space enthusiasts, but also to a broad television audience. The show must serve as the flagship series launching the new channel, attract the attention of the entertainment and scientific community, and include enough educational content to be featured as part of Cable In the Classroom.

SOLUTION: Development & Production of 42 half-hour episodes of a magazine format space science entertainment series featuring:

  • Personalities: Dr. Carl Sagan, The President of Greenpeace-USA, The Deputy Director of the CIA, and Space Shuttle Astronauts
  • Location Story Segments: Exploring the lofty – “Return To The Moon”; the lighthearted – “Space In Your Face”; and the very bizarre – “You Don’t Have to be an Einstein”
  • Hosted By: Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols, Lost in Space’s Bill Mumy, and Three-times Space Shuttle Astronaut, Mike Mullane