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BACKGROUND: Two entrepreneurial lawyers asked Doctor Of Content to help them promote their new concept – a cable channel devoted to science fiction. But the proposed channel lacked branding, identity, and programming.

GOAL: Create a memorable experience —  a vision video that would help persuade financial institutions, “C” level media executives, and future fans in the viability of the concept. Develop the look & feel of a major cable channel on a shoestring budget and feature samples of the programming lineup.

SOLUTION:  Doctor Of Content created a mythology – the story of a spaceman from the far future who peers back at one of the great moments in earth history – the launch of the Sci-Fi Channel. The video was presented (as part of a 16 screen video extravaganza) at the National and Western Cable Shows, and to an audience of millions of park attendees at Disney-MGM Studios who later petitioned their  cable companies to carry the new channel.


  • The channel concept was sold to USA Network for a reported $78 million
  • Sci-Fi Channel was launch 9/24/92 to an audience of 3 million people
  • Doctor Of Contact produced the channel’s first flagship series – Inside Space
  • The channel was later acquired by Universal/NBC for $2.2 billion
  • Today, 95,000,000 people receive the Sci-Fi Channel (rebranded: SyFy)