About Doctor Of Content

For over a decade, Doctor of Content has provided start-ups, small businesses, and health and legal professionals with a tailored content and digital marketing strategy. Since our founding, we’ve partnered with astronauts and attorneys, psychiatrists and psychotherapists, and entrepreneurs and innovators to educate audiences, inspire trust, and instill confidence.

The fundamental objective of our clients is growth…and we’ve helped them to succeed.

Larry Ross, principal at Doctor Of Content, is one of four founding members of the Sci-Fi Channel (SyFy), and the former Vice President and Editorial Director of Hollywood Media Corp, Creative Director of Commerce One Global Services, and a National Emmy Award winning producer, writer, editor of over 100 documentary television series for PBS and the Discovery Channel. Mr. Ross has collaborated with authors, business leaders, and scientists to inspire young minds to pursue careers in health, science, and technology.

Since founding Doctor Of Content in 2005, Larry has been recruited by B2Bs, B2Cs, start-ups and professionals to attract audiences, engage imaginations, and grow business opportunities.

Doctor Of Content offers:

  • A focused approach to your unique marketing issues
  • Social Media, Web, Adwords, Email, and Video expertise
  • Straightforward advice and affordable, personal service
  • Business, creative and technical know-how
  • Agency services in a small boutique atmosphere

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