Communicate more effectively

How to Communicate More Effectively

How does one communicate more effectively…on the Internet?

Compelling digital marketing experiences appeal not only to a prospective new client’s needs, but to their EMOTIONS. Effective websites, blogs, newsletters, and video provide helpful content and convey this simple message: “You really do care and understand me.”
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Get WebFit with The 5 Second Home Page Test

Forget What Your Website Says…What Do Visitors Actually See?

Take the 5 second home page test!

Test #1 (of 3) in the Doctor Of Content series: “Get Webfit & Get More Clients”

Your home page may have several well-crafted paragraphs detailing your product, service, and company history. But what does your audience actually “get” and what will they remember?

  • Did you answer any of their burning questions?
  • Does your website offer a personal touch or just that same old “corporate speak”?
  • Will visitors think you are a hard-sell, a scam, or a reliable source of information?

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Top-7 Ways to Create Scannable Web Copy

People scan copy on the web – they don’t read! Studies show they read headlines, sub-headlines, and highlighted links. If they find something interesting, then they may read a paragraph or two, or sometimes the whole article. But you really only have less than 5 seconds (or less) to attract their attention or they are gone. In view of these facts, here is Doctor Of Content’s suggestions for writing (scannable) web copy for maximum business performance.

1. Write Headlines that Draw Attention
* Make it SHORT (5 words or less)
* Be Informative – offering a summary of the article at a glance
* Incorporate the main keyword of the article
* Make it Easy To Understand (using cool hi-tech phrases doesn’t help)

2. Incorporate Subheadings
* Include subheading that offer meaning and a progression of the content

3. Use Bulleted Lists
* People like lists (especially Top-10’s) Read more