Get WebFit with The 5 Second Home Page Test

Forget What Your Website Says…What Do Visitors Actually See?

Take the 5 second home page test!

Test #1 (of 3) in the Doctor Of Content series: “Get Webfit & Get More Clients”

Your home page may have several well-crafted paragraphs detailing your product, service, and company history. But what does your audience actually “get” and what will they remember?

  • Did you answer any of their burning questions?
  • Does your website offer a personal touch or just that same old “corporate speak”?
  • Will visitors think you are a hard-sell, a scam, or a reliable source of information?

Let’s Find Out

Here’s all you’ll need: a computer, a web browser , the name of your website, and Paper & Pencil.

The 5 Second (Five Question) Home Page Test

Our first real-world test takes just 5 seconds. Why? Because that’s the amount of time an average web visitor will spend looking at a web page before making a decision to either dig deeper or move on.

Step 1: Get Clear

meditationLet’s get in the mindset of your average website visitor  — the people who may know absolutely nothing about you.

Now Relax.

Forget all preconceived notion you have about what you believe your website says.
Forget the message you hope it conveys.

  1. Enter your website’s name (the URL) in the browser bar and hit return.
  2. Now look at your website for 5 seconds (no cheating).
  3. Times up! Now look away from your computer.

Step 2: What Was That Website About?

Got your pen and paper? Complete this five question test by writing down the “A” or “B” answer – the one you feel is closest to being accurate. Write a sentence or two supporting your conclusion.

1. What did you see?

    1. There were a couple things in particular that stood out. (If so, what were they?)
    2. It was just a “wall of words”. I couldn’t read any of it. (What was that like?)

2.  Did it strike you emotionally?

    1. It touched me on an emotional level. (In what way?)
    2. It made me feel…kind of neutral. I didn’t feel anything. (Describe.)

3. Personality 

    1. The website had personality. (Can you describe it? Compare it to a person or animal.)
    2. It felt corporate or bland. (Describe.)

4.  Credibility

    1. I would describe it to a friend as “A Reliable Source of Information”. (Why?)
    2. It’s was “A Hard Sell”. (Was it pushy and boasting? Describe.)

5.  Memorability 

    1. What I remember most about the site was…. (What phrase, image, message, or feeling?)
    2. Nothing special that I can remember. (Describe anything at all that you can recall.)

Lesson Learned: Real-world web vistors don’t read, but scan a page for headings, images, or a message that present clues to what the website is about. Emotions play a big role. Engage your visitors hearts and they might take the time to commit to reading your copy.

Step 3: Analysis

If, during the 5-second test, you aren’t able to figure out what your website is about (the message you wanted to convey or the benefits of the product or service you are selling), then you have an issue that needs to be addressed.

In case you are doubting the validity of our 5 second test — consider this: Humans are animals. Evolutions has given us the ability to make quick judgements that aide our survival.


It’s a SNAKE!


Reaction time: 1/8 of a second

Virtually no higher brain functioning is involved in this reflex, but the incident is quite memorable. As sophisticated creatures we are programmed to make quick assessments, move, and then move on to the next thing. We do it constantly. But if we find something that attracts us — most of the time that means the opposite sex, but in the web world it could be a colorful photo or graphic that conveys meaning — we might stick around to investigate.

Test Scoring 

Add up all the A’s  you wrote down. Give yourself a point for each. (Sorry, the “B’s” don’t count.) Now use the list below to determine if you are WebFit or WebFlabby.

  • 5 Points — Peak Condition. You’re a Champ: Your website is engaging & memorable.
  • 4  Points  — Healthy & Strong – Keep Working At It: Your website interesting.
  • 3 Points — On Your Way But Need Improvement: Make enhancements (Get Tips)
  • 2 Points — Little Muscle – Lots of Flab:  Make changes now (Get Tips)
  • 1 Points or below –Weakling:  You need to revamp. (Get Tips)

Were Your Test Results “Flabby”?

If your test results came out a bit flabby, don’t dispare. Make changes, follow my tips,  or connect with me to get WebFit.

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What do prospects really see when they use search terms to find you?  Guess what? What you’ve been seeing on your computer is not what your prospects see when the search for you on Google. But their is a way to know what they are seeing… and if client are important to you, than take the next WebFit test.