Video Eats the Internet

A startling statistic — as of 2016, people are sharing and creating three times more video than they were a year ago on Facebook. Facebook’s head of operations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa said “We’re seeing a year-on-year decline of text. […] If I was having a bet [about Facebook in five years] I’d say: video, video, video.” Video on Vine, Instagram, and other social media channels are all growing by leaps and bounds too. Read more


The Future of Mobile is Video

Don’t take my word for it, but listen to what AT&T had to say today – “The future of mobile is video and the future of video is mobile.” And that’s not all! They are putting their money where their mouth is – $85 billion worth.

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Web Fitness. Do You Measure Up?

“I Don’t Know Why My Website Isn’t Working.”

I overheard this statement about web fitness at my gym the other day but it could have been anywhere. It reflects the same level of frustration I hear repeatedly from professionals, small business owners, and enterprise executives. They’ve spent thousands of dollars developing an attractive looking website with between 20 and 1000+ pages of content. But now, a few months or even years later, they are still experiencing a disappointing return on their investment. They may have had a spike in visitors, page views, and engagement, but no significant increase in what really counts — form submissions, conversions, and web-driven phone calls.

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