Communicate more effectively

How to Communicate More Effectively

How does one communicate more effectively…on the Internet?

Compelling digital marketing experiences appeal not only to a prospective new client’s needs, but to their EMOTIONS. Effective websites, blogs, newsletters, and video provide helpful content and convey this simple message: “You really do care and understand me.”
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convert more prospects into clients

Convert More Prospects Into Clients

Want to turn more of your “lookers” into “bookers”? Use “you” instead of “I”. Don’t brag. Share. Be a trusted advisor. Connect, recommend, and refer. Differentiate yourself. Make it easy for new prospects to self-select and move forward. And, above all else — Don’t Sell! That’s how you can convert more of your prospects into clients and customers. Read more

How To Develop a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Present the right content to the right audience, on the right channel, at the right time. That’s #1 for how to create a successful digital marketing strategy. But what’s the right content? Who’s your “right” audience? Which channel will be the most effective for you? And, at what point should you nurture a new prospect with an eBook or offer them a free consultation?  Read more

5 Surprising Facts About Digital Marketing

Fact #1: Just about every professional, small business, and enterprise has a website. But more that 80%* are not getting the results they expected from digital marketing.

Fact #2 : Millions of  people have accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Most people are not sure what to do with them, or if what they are doing is the right thing to produce results.

Fact #3: The nation spends over $240 billion on Google Ads. But with all that clicking, how many actually get clients?  Read more