Hot Flash Mob Rap – The Video

“Period Peace Soul Sisters” in the world’s 1st “Hot Flash Mob” video.

Betsy Ross is a psychotherapist and a divorce mediator. But she is also an artist and author. She recently co-authored Period Peace, a fun menopause activity book. What could be fun about menopause. It contains no scary information about terrible mid-life diseases, nasty bodily changes, or expensive remedies. Instead, it focuses on fun activities such as word scrambles, mazes, true or false, crossword puzzles and more, with a distinctly mature menopausal twist.

But I digress. Betsy he her co-author partner, Margie Mitlin, asked me to help promote their book by shooting a Hot Flash Mob Rap Video in Sharon, Ma. Twenty hot women from the community (all 35 plus years-old) gathered at Janet Hershman’s School of Dance to sing and strut their stuff. Here’s the text of the rap.


Calling all women on fire
Please get down here in a flash.
This movement’s aimed to inspire
And we hope you’ll have some laughs

Girl, get away from that grill
From your oven stove and heater.
We suggest for a thrill
Trade in your parka for a beater.
(Is it really called a beater?)

Our life before was regular, ‘Round 28 days
From the 40s to the 60s, nothing stays the same.

Now we’ve become a bit forgetful (Pause)
What was I supposed to say?
Hey, our memory’s not so great
Did you take your calcium today?

We are a hot flash mob.
Our ranks continue to increase
We’re over 40 million strong
And we found period peace.

Get off the couch, leave your desk.
Get out the house, and leave the mess
Now you see us, then we’re gone
We are a hot flash mob, with tank tops on!

By Betsy Ross• •© 2011 Period Peace