Is Your Website Working For You?

Five seconds is all the time you get to make an impression on a visitor to your business or professional website and capture their interest in the service you provide. Can your website do that?

I recently wrote an article for the Sharon Patch titled: “Is Your Website Working For You?”. In the article, I point out seven tips for determining if your website is an effective tool and customer magnet or just cyber trash.
Check out the article and see if your website provides these key elements:

  • A focused message
  • A simple Interface Design
  • Navigation that is easy to use
  • The right blend of keywords and headings
  • Images that are meaningful
  • Integration with social media
  • Effective Calls-To-Action

After reviewing the article, if you’ve identified issues that you want “fixed” or would prefer a FREE Website Evaluation from an Internet Marketing professional, Email Doctor Of Content or call 781-201-9404.