Hot Flash Mob Video

Fifteen “hot” women, a dance studio, a video camera, and a little editing magic. That’s all that was needed to promote “Period Peace”, a new book for peri-meopausal women going through hot flashes, cold sweats, itchy feet, and thinning hair. So what’s there to brag about? Well, actually a lot. These women have “balls”. Rather than sitting back and just suffering through this life transition, they’re getting out there and laughing their way through it – and forming a community to bolster other women. If guys did this kind of thing, it might put an end to war.

“Period Peace” is a gift book, a game, a word puzzle, and a resource for women in their 40s through 60s. With a distinctly mature menopausal twist, it’s a book that women can carry in their pocketbooks and give as a gift to other women who support each other going through peri-menopause (you know – hot flashes).  “With a focus on this oh-so-female topic, Period Peace stimulates conversation among women sharing these experiences and invites more interactive connections.”

Actually, I lied. There is a lot more out there now to promote “Period Peace” than this first video. Doctor Of Content also built the authors a  Period Peace Book website , Facebook fan page, and Twitter presence. Next up (in time for Christmas) – a YouTube channel featuring an animated short titled “What if Santa Claus Were in Menopause”.

*In the interest of full disclosure, the book is co-authored by my wife, Betsy Ross, and her writing partner, Marjorie Mitlin.