What Are Effective Content Services?

Effective content services assess your business requirements, your user goals, and content needs. This includes developing a competitive site analysis and Gap analysis (identifying where your competition is weak and how you can use that to your advantage). Finally, it means developing a content strategy that is aligned with your particular business. The details look like this:

  • Conduct content audits and inventories
  • Create editorial guidelines
  • Define the editorial workflow for each client’s projects
  • Advocate for the user’s needs
  • Educate clients on best practice
  • Defines and approves UI standards, templates, and site structure
  • Approves new site creation, structure and permissions
  • Create a search optimization plan for content


  • Write original content
 or edit content written by others
  • Develop, maintain, and enforce editorial style guidelines
  • Facilitate content reviews
  • Help with CMS (content management system) selection
  • Develop a content strategy document
  • Assess, catalog, and organize web site content (called a content inventory)
  • Assign and track new content development (called a content matrix
  • Create taxonomy/nomenclature lists and definitions