Top-7 Ways to Create Scannable Web Copy

People scan copy on the web – they don’t read! Studies show they read headlines, sub-headlines, and highlighted links. If they find something interesting, then they may read a paragraph or two, or sometimes the whole article. But you really only have less than 5 seconds (or less) to attract their attention or they are gone. In view of these facts, here is Doctor Of Content’s suggestions for writing (scannable) web copy for maximum business performance.

1. Write Headlines that Draw Attention
* Make it SHORT (5 words or less)
* Be Informative – offering a summary of the article at a glance
* Incorporate the main keyword of the article
* Make it Easy To Understand (using cool hi-tech phrases doesn’t help)

2. Incorporate Subheadings
* Include subheading that offer meaning and a progression of the content

3. Use Bulleted Lists
* People like lists (especially Top-10’s)

4. Keep All Paragraphs Concise
* It helps to stick to one main idea per paragraph.

5. Highlight important keyword
* It’s okay to use bold. Users scan for highlighted words to give meaning.
* Remember, if you underline it then you are implying that it is a link.

6. Put the most important information first
* Use the ‘pyramid’ style of construction, like journalist do. Tell us what the article is about first and the most important point.

7. Summaries and Text Boxes Draw Attention
* Help your readers get involved. Give them something good to attract their eye.