List of Services

Are you interested in using the Internet and social media marketing to enhance your reputation, get clients, or grow your business – but not sure exactly what you need? Take a look at the services we offer or request a free consultation and an opportunity to discuss your business goals, content strategy, and marketing initiatives.


Blogs are for anyone who needs to establish their expertise and promote their profession or business to new clients or customers. Blogs (and the articles in them) act as magnets to attract new prospects. Doctor Of Content can build anything from an inexpensive off-the-shelf template blog to a individually customized design.

blogger community

Most of our clients use a duel website/blog platform driven by the WordPress CMS (content management system). This affords the opportunity for users to write articles and post them to the web without any technical assistance. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can easily learn to publish your own content in an hour. All our website/blog packages include a FREE WordPress training class!

If you don’t have time to update your content or write blog articles we can help. Doctor Of Content has experience writing for a diverse range of clients – we’ve developed entertainment, health, legal, pop culture, science, and technology articles, podcasts, and videos for attorneys and dentists, start-ups such as and, the Discovery Channel and PBS, and NASA and the National Air & Space Museum.


Designing a logo or a brand is both an art and a science. We work with designers to create the right design for your particular needs – an image that reflects your strengths and your target’s needs. We collaborate to create visual identities that are memorable and make an impact. (Track record: we helped develop the original SciFi Channel logo and branding, and developed the original on-air look and feel).

Content Development

Writing content for the Internet is quite a bit different than writing content for print. First – most visitors will look at a website or blog for about 5 seconds. If they don’t see anything in those 5 seconds that fits their needs – their gone! Therefore, it is critical that you get your message across both quickly and without confusion. We create content that is organized, concise, and scanable (bullet points help).

Doctor Of Content can work with you to develop your content. Or, if you wish, write it for you.

Content Services:

  • Blog Articles
  • e-Books
  • Fan Page Releases
  • Graphics
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Photography
  • Screencasts
  • Tweets
  • Video
  • Web Content

Graphic design

Very clean (lots of white space), attractive and professional. We’ve been doing it for 15 years and its both a science and an art. We work with you to ensure that the look and feel matches your brand, and reflects the personality of your company, product, or service.


Service Include: Script Writing, Recording, Editing, Insertion of Images, Insertion of Clickable URL, Uploading to iTunes or your website/blog. We’ve done hundreds of them with stars such as Jay Lo(J Lo?), Steven Spielberg, and Tom Cruise.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a collection of compound strategies resulting in higher search engine rankings. We achieve strong SEO by doing keyword research, writing detailed content, developing clean code, and by using the Thesis WordPress Framework.

Social Media

Doctor Of Content works with clients to build their social media presences and drive prospective new clients and customers to their websites. These include:

User Experience Design

Creative design and beautiful interfaces are only as good as the user experience. We develop simple and clean experiences that allow users to easily browse through a website, follow the navigation, quickly find what they are looking for, and ultimately complete the desired call to action.


Service Include: Script Writing, Shooting, Editing, Graphics, Music, Sound Effects, and Animation. Doctor Of Content had written, produced, and edited feature films, cable television series, and is a pioneer in online video.


Doctor of Content has over fifteen years of experience planning, designing, and building small, medium, and large enterprise-level websites. From interactive design through content development, we can create a robust signature web presence for you or your company. Do you already have an existing website, but its not producing great results? We can enhance its effectiveness.

We augment our websites with analytics engines to help you learn about your visitors and how they are interacting with your site. Its simple to use (we can train you). This allows you to refine your marketing campaigns and to increase your client or customer conversions.

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