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Get Known & Get Clients

You may be an experienced professional… a doctor, lawyer or Yoga Instructor, but not everyone has heard about you. Reach out, communicate, and attract more clients using the most persuasive, effective, and affordable new medium for marketing your service.

Internet Video is up to 50 times more effective for driving Google rankings.

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Doctor Of Content Can Help

We teach you how to communicate effectively to a web audience about your skill set and experience… tell a compelling story that demonstrates your unique personality and expertise… stand out from your competition and be memorable in the mind of your audience.

Over 70% of the information communicated from an individual comes from their body language.

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We Do It In Three Easy Steps

1. We work with you to develop topics and answers to FAQs

2. We interview you in a relaxing setting on camera

3. We edit in your best material with images, titles, and music

The Story is the most persuasive and memorable form of communication

Forget about ever having to remember lines, talking to a camera, or selling yourself. Your authenticity and expertise will shine through and sell itself! With our National Emmy Award-winning production and editing expertise, you will appear natural, passionate, and knowledgeable… even if you’ve never been on camera before.

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