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Your Choice for The Worst Blog in the World

Thumbs down smiley faceI need your help. Send me a link to the best example of the worst blog you’ve every read and tell me: 1) why its so so so bad, and 2) what could be done to fix it.

Warning: What you think is the worst blog, someone else might think is great. Ever see a really bad horror film that is so bad its ‘camp’, and then, as the years pass, is considered a cult classic?

Hey, I know from what I speak:

In the Spirit of Full Disclosure: Years ago, I worked in Hollywood as a film editor of TV shows and features. Most had little to no budget. I never thought I would make a list of the shows and find out the worst ones were now considered to be the best ones. Go figure.

  • Alien Encounters (basic bad no-budget sci-fi ripoff)
  • Bimini Code (was shown in only one movie theater for one day – now that’s bad)
  • Beastmaster (this one was actually pretty darn good)
  • History of the World (Mel Brooks wrote and directed it – it was classic from the word “go”)
  • In Search Of… (Leonard Nimoy is the reason this pseudo-documentary TV series is considered a classic)
  • Thunder Run (a real turkey)
  • UFO’s Are Real (so bad its a classic today*)
  • *”And now after 30 of military and government coverups, the truth is revealed for the first time…” the narration states.  I remember it as being ‘bad’… but it’s now considered the best UFO documentary ever produced by fans. Won an Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Film Academy Award for best picture.