Content Strategy is About Communicating

Have you ever tried to convince clients or corporate management that they should invest in content? Most companies are well aware of the benefits of having a web developer, but few are willing to invest in a dedicated web content developer. After all, anyone can write – or can they?

Most believe that writing is the domain of marketing. So why not assign them to write a blog, create a video, or develop an eBook? But writing engaging, informative, and useful content is often beyond the scope of marketing and many marketers.

Consider this for a moment:

Would you come back to a website or a blog filled with “Here’s why are products are great”?

Writing engaging web content that focuses on the needs and interests of your audience is less like writing well-crafted marketing copy and more like writing a compelling article for a magazine. Successful business websites are beginning to look more like a “Popular Science” or “The Huffington Post”.

Today, we are ll in the publishing business:

The success of your content strategy (and your business) is dependent on your ability to produce engaging and useful communications across all digital mediums – the web, a blog, mobile, an App –  and your ability to tap the huge potential of social media and client-focused social networks (such as Linkedin). Today, we are all in the publishing business – communicating ideas, answering questions, and telling stories. That takes commitment (time & money), but it’s worth the investment.