Origin of a Yoga Instructor

While studying to be a classical percussionist in college, Ben McLellan developed tendinitis in his forearms. He explored many options, none that worked, until his sister recommended yoga.

Ben is now a yoga instructor and owns Underground Studios in Watertown, MA. Its mission is focused around the concept of wellness and giving. The studio’s highly trained teachers and practitioners strive to provide clients and students with the space and guidance needed to reenergize, relax, strengthen, share, learn, grow and flourish.

I visited Ben’s studio to interview him about his practice. After the taping I mentioned that I was experiencing some lower back pain from moving camera and lighting equipment. Ben graciously offered me a half-hour of yoga stretches. I felt calmer and my back pain eased and then disappeared the next day. I’ve continued the practice each morning since.

If you live in the Boston area, I highly recommend checking out Underground Studios.